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Ming hope plastic products promotion will be held in Kaili

Release date:2017-09-01 11:30:24

Ming hope plastic products promotion will be held in Kaili


The above chart is to visit the factory, the framework agreement signing ceremony, chairman of the speech.
October 14, 2012, sponsored by the Qiandongnan Provincial People's Government, Kaili City People's Government, Guizhou furnace Bi Economic Development Zone Management Committee, Guizhou Mingwang company jointly organized the product of hope to be held in the city of Kerry. State, county, city and economic development zone in charge of leadership and relevant departments were invited to participate in the promotion. Promotion by the deputy secretary of the city of Kaili, Bibi Economic Development Zone, deputy secretary of the Executive Committee, Worker Hill Industrial Park, secretary of the work of Zhou Wenfeng presided over.
    Before the meeting, the leaders of the participants go to the furnace industrial park in the town of Ming Wang plastic factory site visits, the company chairman Mr. Ni Junqin on-site product description and promotion. Through the inspection, the leaders of the company's products have a more intuitive understanding and understanding.
    At the meeting, the state directly related departments, county (city) people's government and economic development zone management committee and Mingwang company signed a product procurement cooperation framework agreement.
    Finally, the leaders of Qiandongnan and Kaili City made speeches at the meeting. Leadership speech stressed that for the investment enterprises, do business and landing the construction process of the service is essential to do business with the tracking service is the key. This promotion is a very valuable investment service innovation and try, hope that the county, city, district mutual learning and reference, with the promotion or more effective way to help enterprises to develop, will be a product of a product promotion will be promoted Into more enterprises and more products to promote trade fairs. At the same time, the county, city and district to give such a high degree of attention to such activities, mutual support, in the demand, the same conditions, the preferred choice of our investment enterprises, and truly promote investment projects, Promote local economic development.

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