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HDPE Gas pipe
  • HDPE Gas pipe


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The company's production of gas pipe to the new PE80 grade and PE100 grade raw materials production, has a good resistance to slow crack propagation performance. Pipe fittings are 0.4MPa and 0.2MPa two pressure levels; pipe fittings from the injection molding hot melt fittings, fused pipe fittings, butt welding pipe fittings and other components for medium and low pressure gas pipeline system. The length of the pipe is generally 6m or 9m, the diameter of less than 50mm tube can be coil form of supply, but also according to user requirements for processing.
1, corrosion-resistant, buried underground pipe do not need to do any coating, the service life of up to 50 years.
2, no leakage, the use of electric hot melt pipe connection, the interface strength is higher than the pipe body.
3, high toughness, the pipe can be bent, coil, elongation at break generally more than 500%, excellent seismic performance.
4, excellent fast crack transmission resistance, high stress anti-cracking ability and low scratch sensitivity.
5, pipe can be coil supply, less excavation, low project cost.
6, can be used a variety of trenchless way, more convenient to facilitate the construction of a number of special lots.
7, good construction performance, light weight, easy installation, fast.
8, maintenance is simple, low system maintenance costs.
Application areas:
1, urban water pipe network system.
2, urban and rural drinking water pipes.
3, chemical, chemical fiber, food, forestry, printing and dyeing, pharmaceutical, light industry, paper, metallurgical and other industries of liquid transport pipeline.
4, agricultural irrigation pipeline.
5, post and telecommunications lines, power wire protection casing.
6, mine mortar pipeline.
7, post and telecommunications lines, power wire protection casing.